the good news

My FIL last week was once again in the hospital with dangerously low blood levels.  They are not sure why it happened again, possibly a combination of antibiotics working against the blood thinners that he takes, possibly something else.    But the main result, besides our back-to-anxiety mode, was that we had to change a few of our plans. 

We were supposed to leave verrry early this morning to drive to a wedding 4 1/2 hours away from here, and then we would have stayed over night before shlepping back tomorrow.  We could not have gone last night because we had a few obligations here in town, plus we’re not very good at getting out at night.  So we called the family and told them that we were uncomfortable coming to the wedding due to my FIL’s tenuous condition.  Thankfully, for everyone’s sake, ISHI was not handling the wedding, since that would have made it more complicated.  So we begged off, with few more mazel tovs.  And thankfully, my FIL was stable enough to be taken out of ICU.  In fact, they had him leave the hospital and go back to his nursing home, although in the MACU section (and to the consternation of one of his doctors).  The saga will continue, hopefully, for a while.  That’s certainly part of the good news.

But there’s more!

After we went to visit him today, we figured we could have some time to do something together as a couple, since we had cancelled all our regular duties in expectation of going to the wedding.  So we went to an art museum for an hour, since that’s all that was left for visiting hours today.  No problem; we saw a wonderful little new exhibit that was breathtakingly beautiful and helps us re-focus our eyes on nature all around us.  Just right.

And we still had time to ourselves, so we thought we would do a little window-shopping and then to out to dinner.  Nice.  But..

The car wouldn’t start.  Dead.  No noise at all when ISHI turned the keys.

Plans of mice and men and all.

Thankfully, the parking lot attendant had a battery charger and managed to get us charged (after I had arranged for AAA to come help us).  But…there was no way we would chance it by taking extra stops.  We were going directly home.  Well, actually, to our mechanic’s house, since he would take care of the car later.

So we had a nice walk home from his house.  On the way, we saw an associate member of our shul with his kid with a costume.  He said he was only going to the Jewish houses on his block.  I hope we scared him.

And the really good news?

We realized that if we had gone to the wedding and we had left this morning and we had stopped, let’s say, half-way there for a pit stop, we might very well have had our battery die there.  In the middle of nowhere, without a friendly parking lot attendant to help us or our local mechanic to save us.

Believe me, we’ve had that happen in the past and it’s not been pretty.

So we’re grateful that things turned out as they did, and we’re happy to be home once again.


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