i remembered the bet

Talking with ISHI over Shabbat is wonderful.  We get to chew the fat without pressure of outsiders, well, when it’s just the two of us.  We try to have at least one meal along over Shabbat, to have that quiet private time we so desperately (all) need.  But the problem with the talking that we do is that we come up with so many wonderful ideas that are impossible to remember for after Shabbat when we can write them down and/or act on them.  So we try somewhat desperately to remember what we were talking about after Shabbat.

Which sometimes means Wednesday or Thursday.

Or even, more likely, the following Shabbat.

So last night, I did remember that ISHI had told me something very funny about something in shul that happened over Shabbat that I wanted to write about.  But neither of us had any clue what it was.  I knew that it was something that he heard and I didn’t, but beyond that, I had no clue. 

“Could it be….?”

“Na.  I’d remember that.”

“What about this?”

“No, that’s not funny.”

So we laughed about not being able to remember it and I hoped that I would somehow be able to retrieve it in my dreams.

Which I did!

Oh!  You want to know what it is?  Okay.

Apparently, there’s a group of guys in our shul who have been betting on how ISHI will introduce the bar or bat mitzvah before s/he speaks.  Will he say “I am delighted to invite” or will he say “I am delighted”?  So what made them reveal their game yesterday?  He said, “I am pleased and delighted to invite….”

So we have a proposition for them to increase the odds.  Will he says one or the other or both?  Will he quote from Levinas?  Will he quote a poem?  What sports image will he throw out?  Which gemaras will he quote?  Which rebbe will he bring?  How long will he speak?   The possibilities are endless!  And let’s make it a money-maker for the shul!  The shul gets a part of the pot, but we have to open it up to everyone.

And ISHI is not above being bribed for this one:) .

Or will he?


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