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I think very highly of Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo.  Maybe it’s my “I wish I were Sephardi” syndrome or maybe because he is very wise.  But here’s what he says about acknowledging the power of getting older. 

The signs of old age are signs of experience and wisdom. While it is true that it is not by years but by disposition that wisdom is acquired, and that many never live a meaningful life, only accumulating unspent youth without ever making use of it and stay permanently immature even in old age, it is still true that wisdom comes with old age. (How true the observation of Mark Twain that our youth should start at the end of our lives!)

When Avraham asked God to make him appear old, he did not just ask for a “facedown”, he asked for his spiritual beauty to steal inward. As such he remained himself with added new dimensions.

For the authentic religious personality this is of crucial importance. Religion can only be experienced and lived when carried out in a state of originality. Any imitation of fellow worshippers is serving oneself and not God. Religion is an attempt to search for God, the ultimate Original.

And I’m just giving you the end.  Please read the whole thing for yourself here.

Shabbat Shalom.


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