the dourness of today reminded me of the laughing of last week

I guess I had other things to write about last week when this happened, or it got stuck in the back of my mind.  Interaction with the people around us makes life more than bearable and even more than interesting.  It makes it valuable.   Today at the supermarket, I stood in the line of the cashier who,  in the past, told me she was going to make lentil soup during her vacation, and the packer was a guy who’s mentally challenged.  It’s wonderful that the stores give people a chance to make a living and be part of society, but it’s going to limit the repartee of the workers with the customers.  He’s very proud of himself that he knows to put the eggs in one bag so they won’t get scrambled on the way home.  I’m happy for that, believe me.  (Wait a minute, isn’t the expression “Don’t put your eggs in one basket?”)  But…

last week was totally a different experience.  Even before I got to the aisle that looked the quickest, I noticed that the cashier and the bagger were laughing it up in a very lively manner, clearly having shared a story (probably a little bit naughty, I figured) that provoked tremendous enjoyment on their part.  But the fact is that their laughter made them happier, and made it a pleasure to be in their line.  And not only a pleasure, but they were happy to share with me more than that.  This store happens to be one that gives you back 5 cents per back that you bring in, but when it came time to tally up how many bags of mine they were using, they said, “5, 10, what’s the difference?” and gave me my 50 cents for 10 bags, even though I probably only had 8.   Or six.

Does it hurt the store?  Perhaps, in the long run.  But creating good will makes me want to go back there, even though it’s out of the way a little bit for me. 

Wouldn’t you want to buy some happiness?


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