I do love so many things Japanese.  I love the simplicity of ikebana, flower arrangement.  I love the presentation of sushi, if not the raw fish part of it.  Cooked is fine, thank you.  And the kimono?  So beautiful. 

So here is an article that helps me embrance the culture even more!

Wabi sabi is an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, particularly the tea ceremony, a ritual of purity and simplicity in which masters prized bowls that were handmade and irregularly shaped, with uneven glaze, cracks, and a perverse beauty in their deliberate imperfection. 

The Japanese philosophy celebrates beauty in what’s natural, flaws and all. The antique bowls above are prized because of (not in spite of) their drips and cracks. 

What if we learned to prize the drips and cracks in our messy lives? 

What indeed?


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