i stand corrected

about women and their level of tzedakah that I mentioned a while ago. According to this article here, we women are much more generous than men.  I’m including just a little part of it below.

In every income bracket except for one, women give more than men. The most dramatic differences are in the lowest, middle, and highest brackets where women give almost double the amount of men. The exception is women in the second lowest income bracket ($23,509 to $43,500), who give 32 percent less than men.

Now the article doesn’t specify religious affiliations.  Maybe the whole article that you can download does, but I haven’t looked at it yet.

Still, interesting and counterintuitive.  To me, at least.  I guess women have larger purses, so to speak, these days, and are opening them up more generously.  In fact, I just saw this article that actually makes me much more excited than the previous one.  It’s calling for real responsibility and that is truly admirable.  Then we won’t have to feel the anger/guilt/anger syndrome when the shnorrers come to visit.

Or at least I won’t have to.


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