what is your legacy?

I started out calling this “what are you go-to recipes?” because of this below.

The website Israelikitchen.com suggests that you watch this video and then think about what your most essential recipes are.  But then I realized it’s a lot more than recipes. It’s getting me thinking about a special kind of legacy that we women/mothers/homemakers have.  We subconsciously know we are responsible for sending our children out into the world healthy, happy, and successful, but no one necessarily taught us how to run a household.  I know I took Home Ec in high school, but that had little to do with reality, from what I remember.  And I certainly had no training about finances, which is probably the biggest deficit.

But I had values.  They were instilled in me from my parents and they’re keepers.

I can tell you about my recipes that my kids learned from me, but I think I’ll do that another time.  I realize that this is about a lot more than recipes.  I got none from my mother when I was growing up, since she never let me into the kitchen to cook.  Well, she never thought it was part of her job to teach me to cook.  That was her job.  My job was to excel in school or whatever I wanted.  So I had to ask if I could cook.  No, that wasn’t my mother’s plan.  But since she never discussed it with me, I’m just assuming.  By the time I was sweet 16, I wanted to cook the food that I was planning on serving at a little party I was having, so I found recipes and started cooking with a friend.

The first thing I chose to make was chocolate mousse.  (Wouldn’t that be your first choice?)  What a disaster!  I decided to halve the recipe, but not all the ingredients, including the liquor (I don’t remember what I chose:) ).  So of course it turned into chocolate soup. 

No problem.  The first great lesson that I learned from this was how to make something out of …

No, not nothing.  Something else.  How to take your lemons and go ahead and make the greatest lemonade ever.

I would hope that this is the best value that I could give over about cooking, or life in general.

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