should i be concerned?

ISHI just walked into the house with a large piece of lumber.

And descended into the basement.

Yes, I was on the phone, but no clue given, none considered.

Now there’s a lot of sawing going on.  Actually, it’s more like gnawing. 

We took out the air conditioner units last week, so I don’t think it’s for that.

We don’t have any animals that need housing.  We have mosquitos that continue to bite me, but I don’t think a wooden trap would be very effective.  He is working on writing a few articles, so that explains the time spent doing something else.  Anything else.

He does have a bureau that is falling apart.  Well, just one drawer; some piece of wood fell out and needs to be replaced.  That would make sense except that we have that piece of wood and can’t figure out how exactly it went in the bureau.  I’m guessing it’s that.  Socks need a home, baby.

I’m very curious, but not enough to go downstairs and find out.

I could make some things up and they’d be more likely right than wrong.

Yes, he knows his way around a workshop.  His father used to take the boys to work on things around the house, which makes him knowledgeable but still basically afraid of tackling things, anything outside of the smallest project, except the blue sukkah of yore.  

 A little time has passed since I started this; I’ve made dinner and I’m waiting for it to just be completely cooked (which might be my next blog entry, or should I portmanteau it to blentry?).

I know what he was doing and I could not have guessed.

I went downstairs to get some veggies from the fridge and so I couldn’t help but ask, “Um…what are you doing?”  It wasn’t apparent from the work.  He was making a shelf for his father’s walker, with the board across and two supporting beams underneath.  Very simple and very sweet.  His father asked for something to help him hold the chumash that he’s been reading, and so the engineer’s son, the rabbi, does his best kibbud av to build this shelf.

And now he’s back to his articles.


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