being friends with chaos

Every mother could write a theory about chaos, but why write it if you live it?  But this is our daily chore, to live with chaos, not to beat it into submission.

I have been reading a book that someone gave ISHI.  It is an advanced copy (the book isn’t going to be published until next year– a phenomenom I never knew about until now).  The reason that he gave him the book was because of some learning that they have done together in Jewish texts, but the novel actually focuses on chaos theory.  I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ll let you know if it keeps up as well as it has been doing so far.

The theory, of course, is further on my mind because of the passing of Benoit Mandelbroit.  I did not know he was in poor health but I had just bookmarked a TED video about him on Friday, not having time to watch it with all my printer adventures.  I’m posting it here for you, even though I haven’t watched it all the way through.

And then he passed away, and that made me sad.  Here’s a good article that summarizes the promise and the limitations of the theory.

So then in my webtravels today, I also came across this introduction to a further theory called chaordic, which sounds so intriguing.  And yet, the reasons that it sounds intriguing is because of our basic need for consistency, which leads to oversimplification and hiding things under the rug.  That brings me to one of my favorite quotes ;

ROS (an anguished cry): Consistency is all I ask!
GUIL (low, wry rhetoric): Give us this day our daily mask.
Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Hmmm.  Maybe it is all one, after all? 

And so, just to top it off, I also saw this video from the Monday Morning Memo today, where good ideas come from.  You can watch it and see what you think.  I know it’s given me a few really good ideas to play with.  So enjoy!

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