Yes, I was going to write about how rude it is to write in caps.  Then I thought how ironic it is that today is indeed e.e. cummings’ birthday. If you want, you can read some of his great poems and also a little bit about him here. I spent a lot of my teenage years not writing with caps, a combination of influence by said cummings, ferlinghetti, and archy and mehitabel, plus a little adolescent rebellion. That’s actually how I sign my name still to this day. It’s not tied into me being a vegetarian; that happened after my attachment to the lower case.

I have a cousin who always writes her emails in CAPS.  I know it’s because she doesn’t have to take the time to correct her punctuation, etc.  But it’s pretty much inyourface and I could or would never bother saying anything to her about it.  It’s just not worth it. I got an email from someone written in all caps just a bit ago who is pretty much the opposite of that, ironically (maybe her caps were on and she forgot).  It reminded me of a very funny story that I saw the other day. New York City is spending a lot a lot of money ($27, 000,000!) to restyle their street signs. After all,

“On the Internet, writing in all caps means you are shouting,” she said. “Our new signs can quiet down, as well.”

You got to love those politicians, so in touch with reality. That clearly is going to make a difference. I love New York, but it’s not for the gentility of the people.  Still, if we could transfer some of that sense and sensibility to other areas of life, well, who knows what could happen?


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