calculated risk

There is a DVD hanging around our study entitled “Calculated Risk”.  I’m guessing it’s from some man (because the title is written in all CAPS, tilted) for someone in this family to watch/listen to/respond to.  Probably not to me, though, just my calculated guess.  But do I bother putting it in my new computer so far (poopoo) virus-free?  Do I take that calculated risk or just throw it out?

ISHI won’t bother looking at it, I mean, putting it on his computer.  No time.  So he gets swallowed up in stuff.  I should take a photo of his IN box, but it’s much too incriminating.

So, what to do with this DVD?  Should I just dump it?  Or do I ask the world what it could possibly be?  What would you do with it?



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