uncluttering the pillows

I thought how on the one hand it would be nice to get back to civilization of the humdrum; using all of our tech help outside of all these holy days.  Yes, I’ve been looking forward to using my wonderful washing machine and dryer. 

No, really. 

I love them,the way they tackle the piles without a care (give me more! they say–really! There’s a spot on the Whirpool Cabrio washer that says “add a garment”–when I first was using it I found myself telling it “I don’t have any more!  You’re taking all my laundry already!”) plus I couldn’t stand the piles and piles of laundry that were piling on top of the piles.  Not quite stinking frogs, but, well, you get the image. 

On the other hand, I’ve been so stymied by the tech world, unable to get my old email account onto my new computer, trying many different ways (which meant calling many different people to try to help me) that I thought it better and safer to stay in well, I guess “safe mode”; the world of our forezaydees and forebubbies, Shabbos and Yuntif.

Oh silly me.  How blasée I have become to all the advances we take for granted, and for the inconvenience that we can’t handle when it doesn’t go right.  For example, I was, like Yonah, very frustrated with the lack of shade/breeze the last few nights of Yom Tov.  I had forgotten to put on the fan in our room and it was really stuffy.  Ugh.  And then I was frustrated because ISHI had configured the lights for the sukkah incorrectly and they were on all night, along with a wrong setting for the lights in the living room, so we had to keep the curtains drawn and the doors closed, not getting any breeze from the rest of the house.  Extra stuffy.  And so forth for so many little steps that we use and don’t really appreciate.  So we’re not in safe mode, after all.

The good news is that my email account Outlook is working again, thanks to someone who helped me by actually coming to my house to figure out what I was doing wrong. 

No bad news. 

I guess having an Outlook pays off, after all. 

Is that another example of irony at its best, or leftover preschool humor?


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