not that I support Rubashkin by any means, but

the treatment that he got versus what this creep DeCoster is getting is pretty suspicious.  Please read this article (I saw something I think in the wonderful;) Jewish Press that was on the same topic) and look at the comments, in particular.  The first comment, in particular, states an important difference:

This response is by no means excusing either J. DeCoster or S. Rubashkin. But the main differences are: DeCoster’s major crimes were ‘State Pollution’ charges and Rubashkin’s were ‘Federal Bank Fraud’ charges.

Well, does this really mean that there should be no real punishment for the egg monster?  Or that, honestly, Rubashkin didn’t deserve his punishment?  No, it means that both should be punished severely, understanding that their crimes effected millions of people.

What’s worse about Rubashkin is the chillul Hashem that it exacerbated, and the Jewish community should have done more to keep that from getting as bad as it did.  Probably the offender in this Rubashkin mess who offends me the most is the OU, since they still to this day have not taken responsibility for keeping their hashgachah on the meat company, even with all  the multiple infractions of simple decent ethical behavior.   Kashrut must mean more than business as usual.  You are what you eat, after all.  But to say that we only should be looking at treatment of workers is not enough, either, and so Uri L’Tzedek isn’t doing enough, either.  And this Magen Tzedek is over-reaching, although I do applaud their efforts.

So what is the bottom line?

Um, education and personal responsibility?


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