a beautiful read after the last one

It’s very nice to read something that echoes what you’re thinking.  So here is a beautifully written blog entry that I think you will enjoy.  I’ll just quote a bit so you get the idea:

There are plenty of “this world” messages in these events that must be addressed.

But all I can think of is the Gates of Nikanor.

In the last 40 years before the Second Holy Temple’s destruction, the beautiful bronze gates of Nikanor screamed louder and louder each time they were opened.  The screams were a warning to the Jewish people that if they went on, “business as usual,” and did not change their ways, the Temple would be destroyed.  But it’s hard to stop living our lives as we always have.  One gets used to the horrors of life, and walks over them to get to the next job or meal or entertainment — because that is how we survive without spending all of our minutes crying.

But My people would not listen to Me.  Israel would have none of Me. So I left them to their stubborn hearts, letting them follow their own devices.

Teshuva, tefilla u’tzedaka ma’avirin et ro’a hagezeira – repentance, prayer and charity remove the evil of the decree.

It is Elul.  I can’t fix the world.  I can only fix myself.

See what I mean?


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