talk talk talk

When I started this entry, ISHI had just gotten off the phone from a conference call.  This is with an interfaith group from around the world who really really want peace and love and all that jazz.  Usually with these things he has it on speaker phone so he can do his work hands-free and still listen to these guys go on and on and…But today, he had rachmoniss on me and kept it up to his ear while still managing to do his work.

Thanks 🙂 .

It also reminds me of something I noticed yesterday on the train as a result of our youngest son asking ( by email) if I could skype with him at that time.  I declined, since I thought it was rude to have that kind of conversation in public.  It made me realize that we are very comfortable with, meaning we have gotten very used to people talking on their cell phones in public and hearing only one side of the conversation.  And that is enough.  Surprisingly enough, most people who are talking on a train will do so in a much more muted voice than people on their phones.

But it begs the question; what good is talk?  And isn’t this one-way conversation what we do with prayer?  It’s probably better than what we do with prayer, after all, since we’re not really paying attention to what G-d is saying to us, are we?

So what are we expecting with all this talk?   If, at best, we are trying to rewire ourselves so that we act differently, then good.

If we are just reciting, as in a barrage or litany;

Word of the day litany *\ˈli-tə-nē or ˈlit-nē\* (noun) 1. a solemn form of supplication in the public worship of various churches, in which the clergy and congregation join, the former leading and the latter responding in alternate sentences. It is usually of a penitential character 2. a resonant or repetitive chant <a litany of cheering phrases — Herman Wouk>

then we have a long way to go.


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