because we have it so easy, we always expect things to be easy

but that’s such a false expectation.

Because we have it so easy, we should be grateful for everything.  When things aren’t easy, we should be aware how lucky and spoiled we are for all the good.

But of course, that’s not how it works.

Right now I’m on the train back home after a week with daughter#2 and her offspring.  I must admit I’m very tired, since it’s actually been over 2 weeks since I’ve been home (except for the one night last week, washing clothes and re-packing everything) and I do not sleep well when I’m not in my own bed.  I am planning on being very grateful for getting a chance to be in that bed, even if I don’t sleep that well there, either.

I plan also on being grateful for being able to go to the bathroom without little visitors.  Ditto for knocks on the door at 6:15 to find clothes and “Savta, is it okay if I turn on the lights and can you help me find something that matches?”  I can’t resist a fashion call, even at that hour, but I will be happy to have a break for a while.

I will also be happy not to share my water bottle or my breakfast for a while (why does mine taste better than theirs?).  Ditto for not having to wash my hands or spot my clothes from food, etc. of the kiddies.

But yes, I will miss all the hugs and kisses, as I’ve said.  I will also miss them pulling out the kitchen table to make room for my chair there without being asked.  I will also miss the little one calling me “Tata”, since now he already says “Savta” (although he reverts back to Tata for now).

But what I really wanted to write about is the fact that we have technology that makes things so easy, like the fact that I’m writing this on the train, and yet peace is so very very hard.

I mourn the 4 Israelis who were killed in the last few days by the monsters whom the world is complacent enough to call freedom fighters.  Yeah, they’re fighting freedom.  That’s really true.

Yet something so precious can’t be so easy.  Jerusalem is too precious to give up.  I’m so worried that Netanyahu will be pushed into some false sense of his place in history to do something really stupid.  I think he’s smarter than that, but he is a man, after all.

What do I mean by that?  You have to figure that out yourself; I won’t make it too easy for you.


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