I don’t know

if this matters or not.

What do you think?

Have you grown more like your spouse or is it just too hard to disagree after a while?  Or, as the article seems to say, were you more like your spouse to begin with than you may have realized?

I think I go through cycles of agreement and disagreement with ISHI.  Sometimes I can’t figure out how we ever got together and sometimes it is just crystal clear.  I think that is probably much more common than this article indicates.  We certainly don’t look alike or even think alike–I am his ezer k’negdo, after all.  But I also think that the bottom line is that you have to have a set of common values that will carry you both through those times of “what in the world was I thinking marrying that person?”.   Otherwise, the dissimilarities will overtake you and it just won’t be worth it at all.

I think learning to surf the waves of life is the most important lesson of all.

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