the cost of travel

Taking the kids to Target because they fell asleep on the way to Toys R Us, which apparently wasn’t where the GPS thought it was, anyway     $$$

Going to the library to take out a few books with the kids and paying for a lot of very late other books, probably from the last time you were there  $$

Going to the grocery store at 9:30 at night to get nighttime diapers and bread and finding the Kefir that you really wanted, plus the whole wheat flour, just in case you decide to make challah dough (but it’s ‘way too hot to bake now!)   $$

Going to Costco with the little one while the big ones are in school and he falls asleep in the car and then doesn’t sleep afterwards and so you are totally exhausted by this time of the evening   $$$$$$

Getting hugs and kisses and cuddles and doing lots and lots of kitchen dancing, in between the “I HATE YOU SO MUCH AND I WANT YOU TO  GO HOME NOW!!!!!



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