I’m not the tallest on the train

I’m not the tallest by any means.  There was this man who was so tall that he had to bend down to exit the railroad car, a lot.  He certainly had to bend down to go into the bathroom.  I’m sitting near the bathroom and near the café car.  I’m getting off soon, well; I have another hour, so I figured I’d write down my thoughts here and now.

I’m not the only one speaking a different language (not that I am right now).  There are some Chinese young people sitting next to me.  I’m assuming it’s Chinese; maybe it’s a different Asian language.  They are talking on their phones, with earbuds, but covering their mouths as they speak.  It’s not like we understand what they’re saying, but it almost attracts more attention than if they just talked like everyone else does without caring.  There are a number of black people around me; that makes sense.  Most of the conductors are black.  In fact, I only saw one white one.  He was bringing what looked like a beer to someone, or taking it to drink himself.  Who knows?  There is a family in front of me, with a teenage girl and boy along with a mother and a grandmother.  That’s what actually got me thinking about extremes; I’m not the oldest one here.  But I don’t see any members of the tribe here, or at least outstandingly so.

Isn’t that bizarre that this is something that I think of?  Perhaps not bizarre at all, most likely.  We look to be part of something, not separate.  I often find myself, especially in new situations, figuring out how I belong, or realizing how I don’t.

I’m travelling by myself, or otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be thinking about how I am the same, how I am different.  It is good to have time to myself, they say.  I will be spending time helping out daughter #2 with her family as she goes back to work and the kiddies are still schoolless for a week.  Why not?  This is the benefit of not having to be at a brick-and-mortar workplace for now.  More hugs for me, I hope.

As far as I know, on this train ride or at least in this car, I’m the only one making brachot in Hebrew.  But, as we know, as far as I know is sometimes not very far at all.


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