in preparation for the onslaught of kiddies

Let’s see now–I was just told that the molasses cookies are all gone.


Also, I better have granola ready (I do make my own–it’s really easy, as long as the temperature goes down).  And that goes the same for mandelbread.  And then there’s cereal, boxes and boxes of Barbara’s shredded oats.  And then there’s whole milk, 2 % milk, 1% milk, and I, of course, use skim milk, my quart a week is enough.

And then there’s yogurt, the same thing–whole milk (Stonyfield yobaby, yokids), non-fat, and then there’s kefir, plain, flavored, non-fat plain.

And then there are the beds to be readied.  The ones in the house,  including 2 borrowed pack n’ plays (thank you, Jewish community of mine!), cleaning out the room of the family who has been here for the past 5 weeks (but who aren’t leaving until the morning of most of them who are coming in), and laundry laundry laundry.

Thank G-d for my big washing machine.

Thank G-d for family.

We’re catering dinner for Friday night, by the way.

Thank G-d for caterers.


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