which means “cool”.  I can’t find if it comes from “v’savata”.  You perhaps will see where I’m going with this, or maybe not.

We had a bunch of guests  for Shabbos dinner this past week.  It was lovely and it was great to have the house full of noise and activity.  One of the guests, who was very nice and there should be no buts about that, but…

there was one odd thing that I noticed about her.

She left food on her plate for each course.

So, there was some challah and some olivada spread first, and then there was some potato-carrot soup left in her bowl, and then there was some salmon and some broccoli and some rice-quinoa left over.  To be honest, I don’t remember if she ate any of the corn salad, so that wouldn’t have been left over.

And when we got to dessert, this is when it became very clear that this must have been on purpose.

She left over some chocolate cake.

I know!  And this is a really good recipe, Mollie Katzen’s Chocolate Eclipse, which I make with canola oil and rice milk, so it’s pareve and really really good.

Actually, that wasn’t the giveaway.  It was the grapes.  You might not care for the cake (!, but okay, it’s possible), but grapes?  Why would you take more grapes than you will eat?  And then why leave them over?

It was even stranger when she said how much she loved the cake and would I share the recipe!

So what’s up?  Has she been taught that it’s polite to leave food over?  Is this how she defines

ואכלת ושבעת וברכת

You will eat, be satisfied, and (then) bless…

So is satiety that leaving over?  Really?  No, it’s wasting;   בל תשחית which is a bigger no-no than proving you’re satisfied…

I don’t have any kind of relationship with her that I could have asked her what’s up, but it’s so very odd that this frum woman would waste for the sake of


I have no idea.


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