continued irony

Our kids are starting to come here!  The Israeli clan has arrived!  I am crazy busy with work (I know, ironic, but not the best part) and I don’t have the chance to see as much of them as I would want.  So they have to fend for themselves mostly, which is okay probably.  But they went out driving today, which should be okay.  After all, they drove here from my DIL’s family, and they drive all over the place in Israel.  But…

They didn’t take a cell phone, at least not a working one.  And so they took the directions from Google before they left and all should have been fine.  They were going to visit my FIL at his nursing home.  ISHI was there, waiting.  And I went back to work.  I just had this funny feeling, you know what it’s like, and by golly, I couldn’t do a thing about it, because I had no way to reach them.  So I called ISHI.  A few times.  After a while, he left his father’s, went to the store to buy more tehina, and came home.

Still no word.

Now panic is settling in.  Great panic.  Remembering how this son took a car once for a ride upside down, actually for a few rotations before landing upside-down and needing to climb out the window of the car.  And now he’s with his family.





And so now it’s really late and I don’t know what to do.  Should I get into the car and try to trace their steps?  No, they were going somewhere 20+ minutes away.  That would be a fool’s errand.  But the possibility of doing something seemed better than just waiting around…

But that’s what we did.

Finally ISHI sees a car pull up.

A huge sigh of relief from both of us.

They got lost.  They couldn’t find the nursing home.

They did find the shopping center.

Next time, you’ll take our GPS and you’ll take a cellphone.  But people in the past didn’t always have cellphones!

Yes, but they didn’t have my grandchildren in their car!

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