does your synagogue post its protocol?

I was looking for a “Do not disturb; Rabbi speaking” sign on line.  I know; I can make my own very easily and I will do that, believe me, but I was curious to see if there was anything in Googleland.  Well, I found this and it brought me into a whole category that I think is worthwhile, even though it is painful that it is necessary.  Okay, granted, this is for a reform temple and even more, in England, so apples and Yorkshire pudding, but still, we can learn from everyone, can’t we?

I particularly think that we need to expand upon the last part:

Please be consdierate to others  and do not conduct conversations or share jokes, there is a time for this afterwards at the kiddush. If youngsters are attending the Bar/BatMitzvah of a friend, please do not spoil your friend’s important day by behaving inappropriately.

Please do not disturb others to leave the service if the Ark is open, the Rabbi Speaking or the Haftorah is being recited.

Yes, sad that we have to tell people, but sad or not, it’s time.

But the question remains, if we tell them, will there be a difference?


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