you didn’t let me know,

but someone else did!

Remember my lost pin?

It’s not lost any more!

I could not have expected the magic of the show of the community.  Someone this time put a post on the community listserve saying that they found a flowered pin in the vicinity of my house.  Well, they didn’t say my house, but I knew that’s what they meant.  And I’m pretty sure that marriage is safe, as much as I can be sure, so I’m not worried about my old definition of magic.  I have a new experience of something MAGICAL!

Except, of course, that I feel like the grandmother in that silly joke about the child getting washed away in the surf and she rages to G-d when he returns on the next wave,

“But he had a hat!”

since they found it over 2 weeks ago, but then it wouldn’t have felt so magical.

Would it?


2 responses

  1. How sad is it that when I read this, I thought to myself, how did someone find your lost pin #? Then I remembered that you lost an ACTUAL pin…so glad it is found!

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