you only have one car?

I saw someone yesterday who I hadn’t seen in a while.  During the conversation, in which we discussed good news about our children and their accomplishments (hers, finishing medical school, mine, having kids:) ) and sad news, her father’s recent passing (and no one told me, oh well, but it’s not about me), which is why she looked sad, she asked me this question.  I guess somehow she had heard about it, and she was not astonished but more like confused.  “It can work easily enough”, I replied.  We don’t need two cars for work and so we just talk to each other about what we need and when.

Well, that’s one reason to talk to each other, right?

But it’s shocking, really, that we don’t get it yet.  We personally were in Israel during the 70’s oil crisis, so I never had to stand in line to get gas. Wouldn’t you think that would be enough to get habits to change?  It’s crazy that we didn’t totally re-think our dependency on oil at that time.  Yes, they (the they) developed smaller cars and yes, we don’t think of driving those big things anymore.

Oh, wait a minute.

Yes we do.  We needed to be slapped in the face again and again, again 2 years ago when the price of gas skyrocketed to insane amounts.  We were in California then, driving from San Francisco to LA.  At one point along the coast, we paid something like $4.25 per gallon.

And then it came down and we forgot.


Does it feel like this refrain is when kids love something that you’re doing with them/to them, like spinning them around or throwing them up in the air,  and they say “Again.”

Again and again.  It’s usually not really good for them and they can get sick after a while, but we love hearing the again.

But this is not about power; this is about some self-control, some reflection on our actions on a sick world.

I was prompted to write this because of another excellent article by Gary Rosenblatt from the Jewish Week.  This one hits home in a serious way, because as Jews, we should be more aware of the danger of dependence on Arabs and even today, all oil producers (Hugo Chavez, anyone?) and their lovefest of hating Israel.

But, even if we have our Priuses, we’re not doing enough.

So it’s two-fold action that we need, both on a personal level and on our shopping choices.  I read mixed reports about whether it’s more beneficial to get a better mileage car.  Those reports that state it’s not are extremely convincing to me.

Bottom line, walking is good.  Getting rid of our dependence on the Arabs even better.


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