i don’t have anything to add to this one, really

Well, I do, but to really read it, you’d have to read my face.


Okay, I have ONE little thing to add now on the other end of the spectrum, but perhaps not really.  Apparently, and of course, this is third-hand information, one of the sticking points in the whole sticky mess in Emmanuel is the apparent (it’s apparent to them, apparently, but oh not so much to me) need to have all the parents of the kids in question who want to go to the school be uniform in their halakhic observance.  I understand that people want school to be a safe place for their kids and they don’t want them tested in their faith.  But really to go this far to disallow people who are just perhaps different in their understanding of halakhah with the backing of really learned poskim?  So that means that Sephardic women who cover their hair but not with wigs because that is assur in Sephardic halakhah, are being called unobservant since they “only” cover their hair with hats/scarves/etc.

This is a problem, people.

But see this for a breath of fresh air.  Of course, this article is a few years old.  I wonder what she thinks today.

Because, bottom-line, this is all about appearances and not about reality.  And who is imposing this upon us, really?


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