for all the decaf tea in Israel

There is none.

Or at least I couldn’t find any.  There’s lots of herbal teas, but not decaf.  I love Chai tea, but prefer decaf, saving my caf for coffee.  I didn’t bring any with me and I looked in a number of different stores; no luck.

But I guess it’s another symbol of Israel; you’re either on or off, no in-between.  It’s like the 220-voltage; everything there heats up fast.

I usually don’t turn to politics here, since this is supposed to be my space for reflection, but I can’t help it today.   It’s like the tea; you can’t have it half-way in Israel.  They can’t sit back and say, “Well, let’s give them a chance.  Let’s see what they have in mind.”

It was clear what these “peaceniks” had in mind, and it wasn’t peaceful coexistence.  This was not a humanitarian act.  If it were, then they would have accepted Israel’s offer to deliver the goods, many of which have been found to be of little worth, with medicine past it’s due date.  I wish there were another way; there probably was another way that may have been more successful, but I haven’t seen any suggestions that make real sense.

These are frightening times, with the world loving its “underdogs” and hating that Israel is not groveling for forgiveness.   But we must hold our stand and not give in to malaise or depression or non-commitment to our ideals.

And, for sure, for all the tea in China and beyond, we must stay committed to Medinat Yisrael, the ideals and the reality of supporting this country and defending her against all her enemies.


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