and now the explanation

of the previous post titled “fruit salad”:

When the kids were younger, and I guess, so were we, we often enough piled into the old banana boat (that’s what they called our old station wagon) to go here and/or there.  And this was before the time of individual plug-ins; Ipods, MP3’s, etc, so everyone was forced to listen to the same singular music.  One particular trip, we were listening to a folk music station and there was a song on about canning fruit.  I found the original  song (for the words; listen to it here) by Greg Brown; it’s amazing what you can do these days, isn’t it?   I think it was a live performance and it probably included extra words, since I do remember it went on for a long time.

The most important part of the song was that  the kids didn’t like it.  They were pretty vocal about it.  They kept singing over the top (over the top) FRUIT SALAD FRUIT SALAD fruit salad FRUIT SALAD!!!

Okay, we got the message.  You don’t like our music.

Well, we didn’t like theirs, either.

The girls started with this Jewish music.


Whiny.  WHINY. whiny. WHINY!!!

Why can’t you listen to heavy metal?  What’s wrong with you?

And then the boys, well, one of them, listened to Kurt Cobain.  Well, that was normal, to be honest, but what was wrong with him?  Cobain, I mean, and that became pretty clear.  What did we want them to express?  How far do we want our kids to take their natural-born need to rebel?

And really, what’s wrong with some canned goods, after all?  Folk music is so easy to listen to, if not sometimes too kumbaya, for sure.

So the radio station that used to play folk music now plays “alternative”, which means I don’t listen to it anymore.

I still won’t listen to Cobain and for sure, I won’t listen to whiny Jewish music.

Let’s stick with jazz, shall we?


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