Something up my sleeve

You’d think that packing to leave Israel would be pretty easy, me by myself in an empty caravan.  Anything there other than the linens gets packed.  But I’m tired.  Even the ticket counter guy at Ben Gurion said I looked tired .  His idea of friendliness?  Well, perhaps, but…

So where would my blue tichel have gone?  I know it was with my fleece when I was in the car in the morning.  It had somehow gotten caught in it when I took it off the night before, and I did have the fleece all ready packed in one of my carryons.  And it wasn’t in the kids’ place; it wasn’t in the car, and it wasn’t anywhere I could put my finger on.  I felt like I was coming apart at the seams little by little.

And also what else disappeared was a receipt for some money that was owed me.  Well, actually ISHI who had bought a Shabbat hot water pot for the kids last Friday, but returned it due to my insistence that he exchange it for one that was more energy efficient, plus cheaper and thus the receipt.  No, not thus.  Here’s the thus:  since the storeowner didn’t have the change on him (?), could he please come back during the week and not today, erev Shabbat?

So I was there today (now yesterday), but I had put the receipt away before this past Shabbat from the bag I was using to carry everything, including my trusty water bottle, sunglasses, tissues, and well, you get the picture.  So I couldn’t find it at all, either, everywhere I looked.

I didn’t buy anything this trip other than teas and chocolate to bring back.  (They still made me go through the something to declare line; I think I was acting suspiciously overtired) and yet I have amassed a million receipts.  And since my suitcases are so empty and since they don’t recycle plain paper in the yishuv, I was taking back all these receipts for food purchases for the past 2 weeks.  Now, receipts seem to resemble scrolls in Israel, with every store giving points and rewards towards future purchases.  Yes, we have that in the states, too, but somehow it’s exaggerated in Israel.  But the endless papers didn’t produce a thing resembling that scrap of paper I needed.

Oh well.

So the scenario unfolding is that I would probably find the receipt when unpacking and ten I could give it to the kids when they come visit in the summer.  After all, that would probably better than mailing it.

And then they would find my tichel somewhere in their place and return that to me as well at that time.

But then when I was taking out my fleece while waiting for my ride to the airport (it was delightfully breezy) and lo and behold!  Up my sleeve was my tichel!

So, when I finally sat down on the plane waiting for take-off and I wanted to write down this story in my little notebook (pen and paper, not netbook) and lo and behold!

I opened up the notebook and found the receipt.

So, nothing is lost.

All is gained.

And Life is very rich.


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