Clothing again?

I went to buy shoes at the Naot factory store here in the Gush.  Didn’t find any, but also picked up more material to write about.  I guess that’s something.  I’ve mentioned the book Joseph Had a Little Overcoat before here; who knew clothing evoked so many songs?

There was an old woman there who commented about my skirt.  “J Jill”, she asked?  “Yes”, I replied.  “Oh I have that skirt, but I didn’t bring it because I didn’t want to have to iron it here in Israel.”

Mine wasn’t ironed.  That doesn’t stop me.  I like it because it’s lightweight and good for the heat.  Even though it’s been really chilly for half the time I’ve been here; blessings, I know.

But she was an old lady!  She shouldn’t be wearing the same clothes as me!

And then we met someone, also really really old, who was wearing an outfit that really is for someone much younger.  It showed off too much of her and much of that is very very wrinkled.  I’m sorry; it just was weird.

But here’s my dilemma:  I’m probably wearing clothes that are too young for me, I fear…

Years ago, really ages, when I was a newlywed (within the first year of marriage at least), I was deciding whether to buy a particular dress in a green or another color.  I picked the other color, but it’s very bizarre, since I cannot remember the color I did choose, just what I didn’t.  That’s because we went to a wedding or something like that and there was an old lady (a different one, presumably) who was wearing the one in green!  And she looked awful!  What was she thinking?

So I ask myself, what am I thinking when I choose an outfit?  Am I fooling myself?

I want my clothes to suit my purposes, not the other way around.  Practicality!  Comfort!  Fun!  These are the values for clothing, and yet should they change for the years?  What works?  What shouldn’t?

I think it’s like Justice Potter Stewart ‘s famous definition of hard-core pornography: “I know it when I see it.”


4 responses

  1. I think you dress great, and if you ever want to get rid of any just send them down the street. Miss you and WHAT’S HER NAME???

  2. You dress fabulously. You have developed a beautiful style over the last ten years or so… very appropriate for you and who you are. if you needed your daughter’s approval…

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