no news is

boring, but we like boring, don’t we?

To be clear, no baby news yet.  We really wanted a baby to come out before ISHI has to go back to the states, but this doesn’t seem realistic at this point.  I might have to change my return ticket, too, since if I’m here to help with the baby, the baby has to be here.  On the outside, I mean.

It’s funny, since the big brother’s favorite word is “outside”.  Another one of his favorite words is “bike”, as I mentioned already.  So the combination of a bike outside is candy to this little one. 

We were housebound today because of the heat, the slight fever of this big boy from teething, and the mom not feeling 100%.  Well, actually, probably feeling over %100 when you’re this pregnant, and that’s the problem.  So what do you do when you need a destination? 

We go to the local winery!

It’s actually right down the road in the car, a really short little ride.  And there’s a lovely restaurant that we could go to for a late lunch.  And there are so many things to see; a huge window where you can watch the machinery moving and the tractors and the boxes.  Life is good.

I think that’s my mantra for this trip.  I try to see things from a 17 month-old’s perspective and I want him to see things from mine just a little.

“No, that bike is dirty.  Don’t touch.”

“No, that bike is broken.  Don’t touch.”

“It’s hot.  Don’t touch.”

He has more to teach me, clearly.


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