my nose is still under siege

It’s been tougher than usual this year, I guess, for us allergy sufferers.  With the heavy rains, the early heat, and oh let’s throw in global warming and the melting of the icebergs for good measure, it’s been itchy and sneezy and a lot of grumpy for me.  What were the dwarves’ names?  But no Doc; I figure it’s almost over and I’ll just manage with over-the-counter stuff.

Except that while it lasted, I couldn’t go outside.  Gorgeous weather and I didn’t dare to step outside and be attacked by the killer pollen.  Walking has been a challenge–I try to go at the day so that the dust would have settled, and pretty often that has come along with thunderstorms.  But the major pollen that affects me has past so I am left with annoyance from lilacs and others that I can find by my nose but can’t identify by sight.  Beautiful and dreadful, a winning combination.  But really,  just having a drippy nose these days is a mechaiyah.

I’m leaving for Israel in a few days; we are gratefully awaiting the newest addition in  our family, b’sha’ah tovah umutzlachat.  Of course I am so full of anticipation about the baby, and even if that means that I had to do a lot of work now to have my deck cleared, as it were.  But as an aside, I’m really happy about getting away from the allergies.  As amazing as Israel is, I do not suffer from allergies there.  Even dogs, who usually give me lots of problems.  Well, maybe not none but a lot less than usual.  It’s not emotional or imagined; it’s something very real.  It doesn’t take into account all the bureaucracy or crazy hotheaded people, but for one very big extra reason, I am grateful to be able to be in Israel, at least for a little while this time.


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