not too much time, so I’ll use my favorite

source for amusement these days, the Jewish Press.

One of the personal advice columns has the following:

Shmueli* is torn about going through with his upcoming marriage, even though he knows his kallah is perfect for him.

Malkie* is started to get cold feet about her impending wedding, even though she knows that her chosson is amazing.


Okay, what’s the asterisk for?  At the bottom of the column, it states: “Names and stories have been made up.”

So if you’re making up the stories, how could the names possibly be true?

I love their logic.  I wonder if we could dissect anything else that they state for that gap, too.


Oh, and the best part is that these made-up people have to wait until next week’s column to find out what to do!

*I made up these stories, too.  It’s so freeing not to be bothered by facts!


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