oh big brother

I just got this email:

The State Department’s Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs  launched a Facebook page in order to better engage with the American people. This office creates and coordinates opportunities for dialogue between the Administration and the American public to improve public awareness of and involvement in the Department and its work.

The American people have demanded a government that they can be a part of, a government that works, and the State Department seeks to create just that – an atmosphere of inclusion and transparency, allowing Americans from across the country to share  their views and to offer their stories and ideas regarding foreign affairs issues that concern them.

This Facebook page provides information, updates and opportunities for you to see how the department is engaging the community on foreign affairs and how you can be involved.

Become a fan and check back for exciting opportunities for you to voice your opinion on foreign affairs!

Facebook Page|Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs

Forward to friends!

No virus found in this incoming message.

I’m not sure about the virus part.  Then when I went back into my Facebook page, it showed linked to that site, even though I didn’t sign up.  Oh I’m the idiot for looking, I guess.  I guess they got me because of all the love notes I send to our president.  I always check the “don’t bother me” box, so I’m surprised they did.  It doesn’t say that, of course; it says “Do you desire a response?”  Okay, it doesn’t say that, either, but it certainly is put in a similarly light and cheery way.  I’m not usually so light and cheery when I write.  I guess the charm offensive is wasted on me.

I also just got recensused at the door.  This is after we filled in the paperwork, got a phone call that was extremely detailed, and now this guy shows up with all the official stuff and all.  Maybe the others weren’t legitimate. Maybe it’s all a scam.  I’m very wary of government now in general and this isn’t helping.

TMI already.

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