am I in a clothing phase?

I’m not a big fashionista; I like my clothes to be functional and comfortable and okay, not out-of-style, but the kind of style that is not trendy.  Are you surprised?

I don’t like spending a lot of time worrying about clothes; I like grabbing things from my closet without great deliberation.  And since I am somewhat neurotic about order, I make sure that things are in a certain rational place in my closet and my drawers.

Again, no surprises here.

I’ve been thinking about clothing lately for a few reasons.  One, I’m trying to weed out old things from my closet.  I’m trying the old “if you haven’t worn it in a year, then…” rule.  That really does work!  There are a few things that I don’t want to give away, because they’re what I think are valuable, so I’m waiting to do something else with them.  I’ve read recently about people who have swapping parties–I forget what they call them, but you get the idea.  But to be honest, if I’m not going to wear them, then I don’t think anyone else I know should.

My mother once sent me a huge box of clothes that she realized didn’t fit her–I wore a lot of them and then sent them on their way, too.  My girls certainly wouldn’t want my old things.

Yes, humility ensues.

Last week I bought a bunch of  clothes for a new baby, b’sha’ah tovah umutzlachat, and a big toddler brother that I am looking forward to taking to Israel at a good a proper time.  There is something so wonderful about buying basic clothes that you know will get pished and pooped and thoroughly messed up, maybe even some grass stains.  Holy stains.  I am so grateful.


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