does this jacket make me look old?

When the weather is changeable, it’s harder to decide what to wear.  I have to wear layers when going to my shul, since you never know what the thermostat will be set at and how cold and/or hot it will run.  And often both.  But I also like to switch from black and dark colors in the winter over to light colors, reflecting the warmer temperatures outside.  So I thought as a compromise, I’d wear black, white, and gold.  I have a very nice jacket I bought a few years back that actually is reversible, so double-duty is even better.  I have been wearing it on one side for a while, so I thought it might be nice to switch it over.  The first side is black with a more tame repeating geometric pattern in gold, and the second is with larger flowers.  Okay, it’s a lovely flowery season, so let’s go for the golden flowers.

Shortly after I sat down, or not too long afterwards, I notice that there is a woman sitting next to a friend.  I don’t recognize the woman.  In fact, she really doesn’t look Jewish.  Moreso, she reminds me of someone, but I can’t put my finger on who.  But there is something so familiar about her…

She’s wearing my jacket.

Well, hers is blue with white flowers, even more spring-y.

But it’s the same jacket.

Now the extra details about this woman; she’s very tall, very not-Jewish looking, and very white-haired, no hat, not even a silly doily.

If you told me she was an Anglican nun, I would not have been surprised.  But then I saw her dovening right along with my friend, so I thought okay at some point, she joined our tribe.  It turns out that I was right on many counts; she was the daughter of a German Nazi who became Jewish and then American.  Wow.  And the person she looked like was actually my friend’s husband.  After she pointed it out, I chuckled that I hadn’t noticed the resemblance!

But back to the jacket.

I did not want to be seen as petty or silly, but I also didn’t want to draw comparisons.  So I very quietly (not that this is a loud behavior) turned my jacket back to the other geometric side.

By that time, I wasn’t even wearing it, because it had gotten very warm where I was sitting, but…


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