When did you realize that being an adult doesn’t mean that you have

all the answers?

I was walking to the library today and saw someone I didn’t want to speak to up further ahead.   He’s not a balanced person and so he has many many problems.  I am somewhat (hopefully)  kind usually when I see him, but I didn’t have the mental energy to deal with him today.  I’m suffering very very badly with allergies this week, more than I ever remember.  It’s really tough to enjoy the gorgeous flowers and weather when I feel resentful.  No, I just feel draggy.

He was talking with someone, so I wasn’t sure it would be a problem.  But here’s what went on in my head:

  1. Oh I definitely don’t want to start up with him.
  2. Oh maybe it won’t be so bad.
  3. Yes, it will.
  4. Well, maybe I should cut through the parking lot and go in the back.
  5. Oh grow up.

So I grew up and walked a normal route.  He waved at me, I waved back and said “hi”, and the guy with him had a puzzled face, as if he was asking himself, “Do I know her?”

No, you don’t, and thankfully, you still don’t.

Nothing against him, of course, but it wasn’t the time.

Yay for things not going badly, which often means going well!


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