i know dreams are odd but this really

takes the proverbial cake!

I haven’t been sleeping well for a while now; one of the things that you don’t know about getting older when you’re young.  Or at least I never knew it.  I know that my father doesn’t go to sleep until really late and then sleeps very little; I know that my mother used to sleep a lot and then a lot more and then basically nothing else, but I didn’t know how difficult it would be to get a good night’s sleep.

I find that I sleep best at the time that most people are getting up.  Or at least that’s when I have the kind of dreams that are the deepest.  And probably because I do wake up or am woken up around that time, there is the largest probability of remembering them.

So this morning I had the strangest dream.   It was some kind of race involving multiple vehicles and bad weather.  You know, like those movies where a whole bunch of cars are traveling to get to the pot of gold or get away from the bad guys, or both.  At some point, my car faced a very deep pile of snow in a car, so I got out of the car to look at what we needed to go over.  It was actually a deep snow-covered ravine; not crossable by any means in a normal, even an all-wheel drive car.

And then came the very bizarre part; I don’t know if I ended up in this car or, like a movie, I was watching what happened to another car while I was in my own.  Or wherever I was.  This car was like one of those smart cars

except now picture it filled with Hassidim.

I couldn’t find a photo of that.

This car decided (I guess it was so smart it could do the deciding, because a human definitely wouldn’t have done this) to go through a store in order to get to the other side, since “you don’t have to worry about speed limits while driving through a store”.  The hassidim told that to the person who jumped in their car to go on with the race or whatever it was, but it wasn’t me, as I said.

I told you it was a weird dream!

And then I experienced driving through a store at break-neck speed, but slow enough to witness the faces on the unfortunate people who were in the store at the same time!

It was some kind of Wal-mart or some kind of warehouse store, very large, thankfully sparsely equipped.  Maybe that’s how they have stores in very large places where real estate is cheap, like Montana or Wyoming or the like.  I’ve certainly never seen something that large in my day.

I don’t know what triggered such a strange dream, but I guess I look forward to another adventure.  I wonder, should I bentch gomel?


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