ewww! it smells like liver!

You’d think that with all the beautiful flowers in bloom and the concurrent pollen and itchy eyes, I’d also have a stuffed nose.  But oh no!  I get to enjoy all the mold along with the sweet fragrances.

But there’s been another smell I’ve been hit with on my normal walking path that I couldn’t identify, until today.  It smells just like cooking liver!  Probably one of the smells that got me off of meat, or keeps me off of it.  I’m not very good at barbecues; I have to hold my breath or move upwind of cooking.  Charred meat is, well, I could get graphic, but let’s just say that I identify emotionally with a Holocaust survivor who said he had not ever been able to enjoy a barbecue since his internment so many years ago.

But there’s nothing cooking here; I think it’s some kind of manure or fertilizer or maybe even some kind of plant growing.  I can’t identify it exactly, but ewww.  Not even liver and onions, which might redeem it a little, I guess.

I guess that business with smells reminding us of things is pretty strong.  I wish it could be something else.

On the other hand, I did notice how I appreciate sounds and sights so much when I walk.  I don’t use a music thingy (whatever the current one is; Ipod, etc.), even when it isn’t Sefirah, because I want to be aware of my surroundings.  I am disappointed with all the drivers I see with their cellphones to their ears; they aren’t being aware of their not being aware.  We spend too much time being overloaded that we become desensitized.

Quiet is good.

Stinks, not so much.  I guess I’ll have to change my path.


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