the word is “barn”

While still in the beginning process of cleaning up the playroom after Pesach, I picked up all the toys off the floor in order to clean the floor.  Thank G-d we are supposed to get rid of chametz and have a year to get rid of the matzah…

But I certainly haven’t put the toys away; just off the floor.  So there are millions and millions of Legos on bookshelves, along with assorted other pegs and books and even bigger things.  One of the things that had fallen off one of the shelves was a box of magnetic words for writing poetry.  I took it off the refrigerator once there were grandchildren, since it’s not exactly kid-friendly, and it’s been put away for a while now.  So since the big girls were sleeping in that room, it makes sense that that box would be somehow or another bumped in the night.  It opened up all over the place.  I thought I got all the pieces off the floor, but I am only one person.

From out of one of the first loads of laundry comes tumbling out a little rectangle.

There’s some old TV game show where the announcer whispers the word that one of the pair is trying to figure out with clues from the other.

This is what I thought of when I turned over that word.


I would have been able to give it over in one try, I think.

I would have said “Look!”


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