I’m not laughing now but

well, I did a little when I told somebody about it.

The second time, not the first.

The second time, I told someone who I also told the most important thing you have to have going into perimenopause, and in marriage in general, is a sense of humor.

I also told her that the biggest miracle of Pesach is that I don’t get divorced every year.  I being the active actor, that is.

Now I’m just too tired to laugh.

The first person I told I got her to not be so upset with her problem.

As I was moving the fridge back into place last night, already about midnight, and  thinking about how nice my bed will feel, all of a sudden, there was a loud thump and a white cloud forming fast and furious next to the refrigerator.

It was the fire extinguisher.  I forgot it was still on top of the fridge.

Not any more.

I screamed and ISHI came into the kitchen.  Poor guy–he had already tried to get into bed ahead of me.

Oh clouds and clouds and clouds, which are nice when you’re in a plane and not in the middle of the storm.

Do we turn on a fan to get it out?  Do we open the windows?  Do we/did we close the doors to the study?  The dining room?

Finally and really pretty quickly, we decided to let it settle over night and deal with it in the morning.  Since I was a disaster, I took a shower, a very long shower, trying to get it out of my lungs (it being, as it turns out, sodium bicarbonate, the exact thing I had been using to clean out the fridge in the first place; irony’s a you-know-what).  And then I of course, couldn’t fall asleep because I kept thinking I should get it up before the morning.

But why?  I could and did deal with it for the rest of the day!

But now my kitchen is clean.  Walls scrubbed, cabinets and handles all scrubbed, me ready for another shower.

Yes, my schedule was supposed to be taking care of the upstairs today.  It will have to wait.

And the new one, ISHI just informed me, matches the decor of the kitchen, so all is wonderful.


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