another set of real emails

This time with names removed to protect the bashful…

I’ll be blue ink and you’ll be purple…

—–Original Message—–

(I don’t want my reply to your post to be public.)

As you might imagine, I have never cared for the four sons passage!

I do not like the response to the so-called “evil” son.  I would not have left him alone in Egypt.  Would you?

On second thought, maybe this approach is where the day schools come by their tendency to expel students so readily.

In my world, an evil son or a questioning student would be met with more love than ever.  If this child is left behind/expelled, we have given up on him entirely.  If we reach out with understanding and empathy, perhaps he will find his way back to us.

Can I post this without your name?  I think it’s very valid.  I also think that the answer that you give to the one who doesn’t know how to ask it very telling; at ptach lo–you open up for him.  You open yourself up!

Which is what you’re saying you’d do:).

But my answer to “open up” was for the evil son, not for the son who does not know how to ask.  Do you still think it’s valid?

None of the sons/children actually ask; they all “say”.  So, in reality,  none of them know how to ask!


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