you’ll have to go to the site to view the video

I tried to embed it, copy it, download it.  Oh well, I’m stumped.  You’ll have to do the work yourself and take a side visit here.  I’ll give you a little bit here, though.

Procrastination is a huge productivity problem with no obvious solution: everybody does it, and no matter how smart and efficient you work, you’re always going to do it in some capacity too. The only thing you can do is choose to get SOME thing done, even if it’s not THE thing you’re putting off.

Just because you’re procrastinating doesn’t mean you’re being lazy or wasting time. In fact, procrastination actually CREATES motivation and time: when you’re procrastinating, you’re highly motivated to avoid a certain activity for as long as possible. Channel that time and energy into something worthwhile and procrastinate productively.

Stanford professor John Perry calls this “structured procrastination.” Your to-do list usually has a certain structure: urgent stuff at the very top, and less urgent but still worthwhile stuff at the bottom. When you procrastinate productively, you knock out worthwhile tasks while you put off the urgent ones.

Now, is writing this a positive use of my time or is it structured procrastination from Pesach cleaning?  Or work?  I think I have to verticalize my urgency; right now everything is horizontal.


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