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It’s 3:32 AM.
Do I write late at night
or early in the morning?

I think of it as early
because I have slept.
Had I not slept, it would be late.

Time exists only for living things.
It has no meaning except in relationship to life.

This is my belief.

I was thinking a lot about time, especially with Rosh Chodesh Nissan tomorrow.  The essence of matzah, which is the essence of the story of Pesach, is about time management.  We have not done that well.

As an aside, I guess, the whole debacle in Israel right now with the American administration demanding that Netanyahu scale back the building promise, is really about time management, too.  Someone really messed up the timing on this one.  Was it really necessary to announce it?  But then again, why aren’t the Palestinians called to task for their announcements of honoring more terrorists?  Something is really rotten here.  True colors coming out, after all.  It’s not a surprise; just depressing.

So back to redemption, I mean, Pesach.  Time is the gift that we got from Hashem for the purpose of putting things in order.  The process of getting ready for the first Pesach in Mitzrayim teaches us how to get ready for Pesach today.

Work backwards.

When you think of it, G-d was giving us our first lesson in planning as a people.  Our first lesson in planning in the Torah was, of course, Creation.  Rome wasn’t the only thing not built in a day.  So if we work backwards; leave Egypt at night (be ready!!!) of the 15th, eat the meal of the roasted Pesach sacrifice with the bitters and the matzah, roast the sacrifice (lamb/goat), tie it up for 10 days outside your house, check out the new moon, you’d have a good idea how to go about getting ready for Pesach now.

Since backwards we have to:

  1. table set with Pesach dishes, wine glasses (right size, not too big), haggadot, seder plate with various stuff on it
  2. food cooked or ready to be cooked (maybe I’ll share recipes another time)
  3. proper Pesach foods bought/cooked/prepared–i.e. what goes on the seder plate, wine/grape juice, matzot of varying kinds
  4. house switched over to Pesach mode
  5. day of waiting to kasher oven and sink–Shabbos this year works out very conveniently; not too early and not too late!
  6. clean house, but don’t be nuts
  7. buy food  that might be scarce–kosher lePesach yogurt, especially!

Am I skipping anything?  Did you notice that I didn’t put anything in about buying new clothes?  Oh!  But I should add learn something new for the seders, one thing for each night!

Hmmm, with all those hints, we still weren’t ready to leave with our bread made.  I guess we just have to work harder on ourselves.  You think we’d get it right after all these years of practice.


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