do you need a cure?

In my internet travels, I have come across a nice website that has lovely recipes along with some very nice organizing ideas, with some great how-to tutorials to boot.  When they offered their kitchen spring clean-up that serendipitously coincided with cleaning for Pesach, I thought this would be a great service, sharing this project with the greater world for a greater good.

Okay, not such a stretch, since the rest of the world does do spring cleaning.  But it looked like it would work for my purposes, so Torah im Derech Eretz; use the world for all it gives you for the sake of Torah.

Actually, here’s a side story about the rest of the world.  When Ishi and I were in Davos, Switzerland, on a little honeymoon on our way back to America after living/learning in Israel, we stayed at a little hotel.  I don’t remember very much about the place except that it was clean clean clean, as Nanny from Eloise would say.  We went out to do some sight-seeing, or something at least that would take us out for a while. Apparently, we forgot something so we came back to the room.

The cleaning ladies were at it.

We were not leaving that day; we were staying another night, mind you.

I had never seen anything like that nor have I until this day.  They were tearing the room apart.  When we got there, we saw the bed turned on its side.  They were beating everything.  G-d forbid there should be any dust.  Or anything else!

It was truly awe-inspiring.

I don’t remember what kind of tip we left them, but we were really scared to leave any dirt behind.

So that remains the paradigm of cleaning for me, as well as Teutonic neurotic passion.  (Or is it passionate Teutonic neuroticism?)  I don’t know how bad asthma is in those areas, since they say that overcleaning leads to increased breathing issues.  😉

Back to the spring cure now–I signed up and they thanked me very much for doing so and said that I would start getting the daily posts about how to tackle my kitchen mess (along with requests to send in photos of “before”; are they kidding?).

Didn’t get them.  Didn’t go to spam.  Message from above?

Yeah, just do it.

So I am cautious about trying to undertake too much spring or any season cleaning.  I think that G-d is very good to us, putting things in perspective, that Purim, the epitome of chametz holidays, precedes Pesach by only a month.  Lessons to be learned:

  1. Don’t flip out.
  2. Chametz is not not not dirt (thanks, Nanny)!
  3. Yay for selling chametz!
  4. Remember to always put things in perspective.
  5. Remember Murphy’s Law and it will all get done.  Eventually. You can always sleep some other time.

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