apparently, some names don’t smell so sweet

This whole blogging world is very curious indeed.  I have read that Jewish blogging is dead (somewhere; I don’t remember; sorry) basically because everyone is doing the social media scene or tweeting.  Also, individual bloggers have to be responsible for what they write but are also under attack from anonymous venters.  I get that.

But what I’m mentioning here is a curious thing that I wouldn’t have thought of before entering this world at all.   There are some readers who come upon this particular blog by all kinds of means and might be sorry that they have.  They’re coming not by the tags but by the titles of my entries.

How do I know that they must be surprised/disappointed?  Well, on my dashboard, I am told all kinds of things, like where readers are coming from, who referred them, and therefore, I can figure out what they were looking for.

When I wrote about covering hair in this entry, I originally called it “I go down 3 times and is covering hair halachah?”  You would think that anyone would know if you didn’t know what the word halachah is, you wouldn’t look at that.

Apparently not.

I got some not-welcome visitors on that one.  I won’t explain further.   Sorry for nothing.

So I changed the title to “I did three times…” and I got people looking for tips about straightening hair.


I even got someone who subscribed who clearly was not my target audience (I could google him without problem; not someone I want anything to do with.) and it took a while to get him off my back.


And then when I wrote this one, I also got really unexpected visitors.


I’m not changing the title.  Let them be amazed!


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