what makes a successful Mishloach Manot?

The good news is that we didn’t get too much.  Most people sent donations in lieu of stuff.  For the stuff that did come, much of it was redeemable; fruit, nuts, drinks; even some single-malt scotch.

I put most of the redeemable candy bars in a bag for the husband to bring to his father today.  Our brakes decided they needed a makeover, so first he was bringing the car to our mechanic and then he would borrow his car to go see his father.

He forgot the bag.  That’s okay; he’ll still be happy to get it tomorrow.

Some people spend what must be a considerable amount of time thinking and planning a theme for their packages.  I am a pretty creative person, but I can’t even think of getting into that.  I guess everyone needs their outlets.


I also have learned to have no compunction whatsoever about throwing away the really bad junk.  No guilt, isn’t that something?

Other people really think about what the intended victims recipients would want and make individual packages.  I used to do that.  Now I admit I just do Chinese; one from column A, one from B, etc., until the bag is filled.  And then I add a little more to it, just for fun…but I only did 8 bags this year!  We try to give to singles or to those who are a little, how should I say, under the radar.

The better news is that we got some really good chocolate!  Thanks 🙂 !

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