face to face

I don’t understand people who wear labels on the outside of their clothing.  I don’t get the attraction to showing off in general, but especially as a lackey of the capitalist society.

Okay, over the top a bit.  But still, why would I voluntarily advertise someone’s clothing line?  I don’t even like bumper stickers.  I do, to be honest, own a North Face pocketbook, and I bought it despite the fact that it says it on the outside.  It also has a beautiful embroidered front, and the lettering pretty much fades into the background, I think.  I like the bag and it suits my purpose.  And it’s not in your face.

Hee hee.

And I don’t understand the North Face people putting their label on the back shoulder of coats.  Do you get a discount when you put it on your back?  It looks like a mistake, but why do people like it?  Of course, I avoid branding of all kinds, even though I wear certain clothing lines.  The reason that I wear them is

  1. comfort
  2. tzniyut (I know!  Isn’t it shocking that I list this 2nd?)
  3. cost
  4. wearability (this is not coming up as a word, but you know what I mean–something that will be reasonable as long as it lasts, which should be a long time)
  5. sensible, but maybe that’s contained in the previous one

And that’s it, I think.

But of course, wearing clothing, fashionable, popular, is a metaphor for how one fits in the universe.  Clothing, which Megillat Esther features effectively, is about image.  It is how we present ourselves, so it does matter.  But are we able to live our lives boldly, even in tzniyut?

I think we can, I think we can, I think we can.


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