literally connecting the dots

That’s what the parashah, and all the parashiot of the Mishkan, are about.  The fibulae are an example of this, as I mentioned, but also if you look at the whole process of the Mishkan, it’s all about connections.  Why else are there the curtains with loops, and the way that the wood fits together, as well as the kruvim, who are the connections between earth and heaven, or G-d and man, or all of the above?  And the lesson of making the Mishkan, putting it up and taking it down, is about process, not the finished product.   And this is about the community working together.  And furthermore, this is why the movable Mishkan was more successful in keeping Bnei Yisrael together than was the Beit HaMikdash, either of them, really, since that became  all about the edifice, well, perhaps about the stuff going on inside, but not about the people.  Look back at last week’s Haftarah, if you need proof, how we even gave away our own project to our neighbors to the north, pretty much like Israelis devalued manual labor and gave it away to the Palestinians, and then to the Thais, and the Philipinos, and we haven’t learned how to value our own work.

And (do you know why I’m using so many “ands”?  What is “and” but a connector; vav, the letter starting the Hebrew for “v”/”and” means hook.  Sorry if I didn’t need to spell it out, but I didn’t want to make it too obscure.) that is why the reason that Esther bringing the information to the king about the plotters against him in the name of Mordechai is the way we bring redemption to the world (and I am linking 😉 this to my earlier entry here) because it is the process and not the person, since we’re all in it together.

And that is why we bring Mishloach Manot and give Matanot LaEvyonim, since we’re all part of a communal whole on Purim perhaps more than any other time during the year.

It’s all one.


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