what does mercury in retrograde mean, anyway?

I don’t know and I tried to figure it out for a moment just now, and then forged ahead to write.  It’s not the book he’s referring to, just in case you know about that.  The reason I brought it up was the husband’s referencing his usual comment as we were driving out of the NY metropolitan area today.  The drivers were beyond nuts.  They were dangerous.  Some were going extraordinarily slow, and then you had the super-nuts who were doing the bobbing and weaving thing; I guess practicing for the boxing ring that they were headed to.

The husband uses that phrase when everyone is acting bizarre; anyone who refers to some kind of astrological term to define behavior is pushing my definition of humor.  It’s like my father always using certain big words (I don’t remember them, thankfully; they were probably 30 cent words at most) in order to prove some point or another.  And when I would ask “what does that mean?”, he would counter with “Look it up in the dictionary!”

Like that’s going to make me want to do that!  So I neither remember the words or what he was trying to prove.

It even started earlier (not with my father, but with the crazy drivers), as we tried to find a parking space near the coffee shop before taking off today.  Granted, the snow was taking up some extra spaces, but people were driving without any regard for manners.  One woman/girl was so angry that we were trying to move ahead that she zoomed in reverse back down the lane.  She was going at least 30 mph backwards.  Of course, she didn’t find any place there, so came forward again.  I had gotten out of the car while the husband  went around the corner again to try to park.  I got her attention and told her that she had no idea what she was doing, and that someone was going to get hurt.

Admitted, not a good opening line.  She retorted, “I know exactly what I’m doing.”

My answer was that she had no idea what everyone else was doing.  She told me to go back to (she had obviously seen our out-of-town license plate).  I told her I was very happy to do so.  I was also very grateful my daughter doesn’t know her.

In the mean time, I realize that her problem of thinking that she knows everything is also a problem of science.  Yesterday in the museum, one of the docents was talking about that all kinds of people were exposed to higher education after WWII due to the GI Bill, particularly in this case, the science of ceramics.   So I counter that even with our expectation that everyone will get this broad-based education, we’re not really learning anything.  If anyone knew anything at all, really, about physics, you’d know that you can’t drive like that without real serious consequences.

And the docent was wearing these weird shoes, to top it off.  I know that going to a museum is supposed to make you change how you view the world, but everything doesn’t need to be that dramatic, does it?

And I guess I will be bentsching gomel for a few things this Shabbos.


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